Opening Flagship store H&M Antwerp

On the 26th October H&M decided to open their very first flagship store on the Meir (the main shopping street of Antwerp). As the word, we barely had heard of before, intrigued us, we decided to go take a look at what this new store was all about.

We were able to get an invitation to attend the opening party.


The designation of ‘flagship’ given to the new store, actually means that the store will be the retailer’s primary location. These types of stores usually sell the highest volume of merchandise and have a decor or mix of products that distinguish themselves from the other stores of the brand. This means that these stores are in some way unique.


This H&M flagship store definitely deserved its name as flagship store. With its impressively high ceilings, the clothes were displayed high above our heads. The sparkling lights and a magnificent ‘colgate-white’ central staircase (on which they had placed a dj-booth for the event!) immediatly gave us the eyecandy-effect we were looking for.


On the ground floor you could find, besides their fashion collection, a huge selection of accessories, beauty products and even a home-decor section. The first floor displayed the children’s collection as well as the menswear-collection. They even decorated the men’s corner with darker colors that almost gave you the impression of entering a “man cave” (well played H&M!)



A great store definitely worth its name as flagship store, in which you could lose yourself shopping for hours whether it is for yourself, bf/gf, kiddo or your house!


Adress: Meir 89-97, 2000 Antwerpen

Pictures: Jan Van der Perre



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