Brussels Fashion Days 2017

“Lose yourself in fashion” 

Last night our youthwaves crew decided it was time to take a first step into the world of fashion events.  So we planned to head off to the Brussels city center where the annual Brussels Fashion Days were taking place.


For its sixth edition the event was organised in the Horta building next to the central station of Brussels. A normally empty gallery that is being used as a new entrance to the central station. Walking through this gallery during the year on a normal day, will not make you feel particularly safe or give you any kind of warm feeling. Yet the organisation of the Brussels Fashion Days transformed it into a place where creativity, magic and a passion could settle themselves.

What these fashion days are about

The Brussels Fashion Days will take you on a journey through different facets of the fashion industry. Young talented designers are given the opportunity to make their creativity find its way into the reality. Different Belgian settled designers also offer you an unique view on their collections. All of this of course accompanied by their own inspiring views on the world. Which gives you the opportunity to look on the other side of the fashion industry. Striking are the different designs inspired on the coloured Evian bottles. (These designs were created by three Belgian designers and are only accessible on the event.)

The event actually makes designers, fashionfreaks or fashion newbies come together and interact. The event creates an atmosphere in which everyone feels at ease.

  Schermafbeelding 2017-11-08 om 23.10.10

Things to do at the event

There’s a possibility to participate to diverse contests and win beauty kits but also much more. Great offers are made. For example: the marie-claire stand will give you the opportunity to subscribe and get their magazine delivered at your home for a whole year. With this comes the great surprise of a goodie bag filled with Keiko products and a fancy leather bag with a touch of fluffyness that will please every fashionfreak. This for only 35 euros!! (we couldn’t resist)

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-08 om 23.09.42

There’s also a Kenzo pop-up store where you can try on their new fragrances and get a sample afterwards. They also give you the possibility to pose in front of their very own Kenzo wall, characterised by their poppies.

Things to see at the event 

Also apart from everything to do, there was also plenty to see. The staircase was filled with mannequins, a few designers showed their work at the entrance hall, there were some popup shops including one of Maestro ( the brand of singer Stromae).

But what intrigued us the most were some silhouettes made out of food. There were perhaps twelve of them, standing next to each other. Some were made out of cherry tomatoes, others manufactured with garlic leaves or a mix of white and black beans. It was interesting to see these materials being pulled out of their normal context. This clearly proves you don’t need expensive fabrics to make stunning things. In these designs we also saw a metaphor for people ‘consuming’ fashion.

Whether you’re there because you’ve got some kinda passion for fashion or because you simply don’t want to spend your weekend on the couch, the event will make sure you really get a great overall experience.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-08 om 23.10.15

Fashion show

Of course the main event of the evening was the fashion show. To get there, we had to move from the main hall through the Brussels central station, to the Ravenstein Gallery. The indoor shopping street was transformed to a big runway. Still sipping our gin & tonic we saw how some contemporary circus artists worked their magic. Sometimes performing three meters above the runway.


When their part was over, everything went dark. Out of this darkness the name of the first designer appeared: Ilke Cop. While smooth yet contemporary music started playing the models emerged from the end of the Ravenstein Gallery. Light & flowy, classy but with a modern twist. Those are the words that can describe the collection the most. We felt like it was a summer. A reference to the collaboration of this years Brussels Fashion Days. A meet-up between Belgian and Spanish Designers.

The collections of the following Designers (Sarah Josis, 42/54, Romani Design, Threeones, D’Icanno, Deborah Velasquez, Eder Aurre, Nouman)  followed this trend, each in their own way. Some of them did this with the silhouettes like Ilke Cops, others did it wit colour. Warm summercolours reds and yellows were omnipresent. Not coincidentally matching the colors of the Spanish flag.


A designer who surprised was Chapelart. The collection was, to us, a complete other concept. We felt more in the streets of Camden London roaming through the little, somewhat weird shops. Although it was nice to be surprised with something completely else than the other collections, it didn’t impress our taste.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-08 om 23.11.44

But overall it was an impressive runway show, with a clear wink to the Belgian/ Spanish theme. A great night, but let’s be honest: having fashion, entertainment and cocktails in one place will always result in a great night 😉

General information

When – Every year at the end of october

Where – GALERIE HORTA  – E N T R A N C E    rue du Marché aux Herbes 116
1000 Bruxelles – 
GALERIE RAVENSTEIN – S H O W    Rue Ravenstein 18
1000 Bruxelles

Program –

Pictures –  Donphilipsphotography:




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