Belmodo Fashion Days Antwerp

From 6th to 12th November there was a huge stock-sale in Antwerp. Numerous designers participated, including some big Belgian names such as Dries van Noten, An Demeulemeester & Stephan Schneider. A name who we felt was missing this edition was Raf Simons, who had a stockpile in the previous edition in March.

Nevertheless we headed out to our capital city of fashion, hoping to find some great clothes for a discount price. Not that all items were a bargain (some were still pretty pricy) but in comparison with the original price, it was fun to take a look especially  when being on a budget.


First we headed out to the An Demeulemeester/ Haider Ackerman stock-sale, it was located on the top floor of an office building near the MAS museum. There were some great items from previous collections. Don tried on a smoking jacket from An Demeulemeester and combined it with a Haider Ackerman shirt. Aside from the clothing, you could also buy fabrics. There even was a student deal: buy 1 meter get 2 for free.


When we were done, we headed out to the next designer: Dries van Noten, located near the Felix pakhuis. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures here. But wow if you love van Noten, this would have been heaven. Two giant separate rooms for men and women and a second floor just for accessories. From t-shirts to suits to amazing long gala dresses, everything you could possibly imagine. 

Another big name we visited was A.F. Vandevorst. Near the river the Schelde at the north side of the MAS. Here we were surprised that the fabric sale was at least as big as the clothing sale. The fabrics, varying from soft and cosy to stiff and robust, were a dream for everybody wanting to make something themselves.


So to conclude, the Belmodo Fashion Days stock-sales are a must for every fashion lover out there. Especially if you are on a budget or want to be creative yourself using the same fabrics the Belgian top-designers use. See you there next time!



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