Berlyn 65 NYC

If you decide to go to New York, make sure not to skip Williamsburg! The trendy town is located in the northern part of Brooklyn and is a place where a more artistic community has settled. The streets of the town will make it impossible for you to skip the vintage and alternative shops of New York. Between all those shops you’ll also be able to find some unique boutiques that believe in the ‘do it yourself’ and ‘create sustainable pieces’ statements.

A cute shop to stop by is Berlyn 65. The shop offers a range of artisanal homewares and jewelry from all over the world. Some of the jewelry is made out of precious stones such as crystal and turquoise and is combined with precious metals. This combo creates of each jewelry a real statement piece that is yet easy to combine with a simple outfit. The homewares such as blankets and carpets are made out of a soft colored or neutral fabrics that give the final touch to your home interior.

In a world where massproduction and consumption have become normal, I really believe in the fact that we should be more aware of the origin of the products we buy. Therefor I think that supporting locals working hard on quality products that are made for fair pay in a healthy environment is a good start. In this shop you’ll really see how much love and effort the owner puts into it.


Address: 163 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY 11249



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