Atelier Rebul: revive your home and treat yourself

While new stores are popping out of the ground on all the corners of cities, it is becoming difficult to find a store with a real unique personality. We decided it was time to discover what the town Leuven has in store for you guys.

A newbie in the Diestsestraat is Atelier Rebul. With its chique showcase it immediately had our attention. As we walked in, we discovered an atmosphere worthy of the fanciest shops. Big orchids mixed with vintage frameworks that show you the story behind the store, really are a perfect combo.

The story behind Atelier Rebul is a story about a pharmacy that was passed on generation to generation. Atelier Rebul describes it as “…a story of relationships between mentor and apprentice, father and son, pharmacist and customer”. It actually all started with the French pharmacist Jean Cesar Reboul who was travelling to Istanbul. On his travel he got inspired by what the Atelier calls “an unique blend of world’s mystique and modern commerce”. So he opened the Great Paris Pharmacy. Later on a young Turkish apprentice called Kemal joined him and they began labouring side by side. Since Kemal took over the business, it has become a family business that has been expanding ever since. (If you are interested in the detailed version of the story, feel free to consult their site:

Of course it is not only for the tasteful decoration and fascinating story behind it that we decided to tell you about this shop. Its uniqueness also lies in the products it sells. The brand offers a great range of products for everyone’s sake. Candles with different fragrances, hair products such as shampoo and conditioner, perfumes, soaps and more are clearly manufactured with delicacy.





Girls don’t be afraid to walk in when spotting the at first side perhaps a bit more masculine look of the brand: wearing the fragrances will make you feel fiercer than ever before.

About the quality of the products we can say that it is high. We tested some products:

The candle named FLOWER FUSION. The bronze pot immediately brightens up your interior, the fragrance is super pleasant and stays present in the house for a long time. We combined this with the VANILLA NOIR DIFFUSER and it gave the home a truly interesting odor mix. This way you can really create a personal odor that matches the best the personality of your home.

We also tested the hand soap HAND AND BODY LOTION – MANDARINE. Thanks to the pharmaceutical origin of the brand, these soaps feel as silk and look like a lotion. This makes its use almost addictive.


Besides the creative odors you will also be happy about the design of the bottles: they clearly are meant to give your interior at home a boost. If you are looking for neutral but warm colored accessories to decorate your home, you’re at the right place: even the soap will become a cute eyecatcher in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink.


Be warned: using these products may become an addiction.


Address: Diestsestraat 16, 3000 Leuven


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