Ithaka Leuven

This week, from the 6th to the 11th of March there is an Art-festival in Leuven. This festival promotes some young and promising artists with an exposition in a old monastery (Kartuizenklooster). Extra special is the fact that this will be the last time this unique location is opened for the wide public.

We visited the opening of the festival. It had an awesome laid back cosy atmosphere. While looking at the various artworks, – and believe us there are a lot of them in all kinds of art disciplines (short film, installations, paintings, photography,…) – we could hear the music coming from downstairs. It was a Jazz group performing, followed by a violin and a guitar duet. Also there was a book shop where you could find something to read about well and less well known artists. My eye fell on a book showing the work of Rinus Vandevelde.

Later on this week there will also be some workshops, including one brought by a local coffee bar. So don’t be shy and go take a look, you won’t regret it 😉


For more info you can visit the website:




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