Fig & Olive NYC : Orange really is the new black

Hopping through the streets of New York and kinda feeling hungry after you walked the High Line (an elevated park, greenway and rail trail created on a former New York Central Railroad located on the West side of Manhattan)? Well you’ll be happy to read that we found a nice place to regain the calories you just burnt!

The end of the walk brings you to Meatpacking District (according to the starting point of the walk that you choose). This district has been crowned ‘most fashionable district of New York’ so it’s definitely worth the walk even during winter (even though you’ll need a few extra layers of clothes to prevent yourself from freezing).

Let’s get back to what this article initially is about: your ‘hangry-ness’. The restaurant FIG AND OLIVE, located on 13th street, is the ideal spot to take a break and have a bite. The orange atmosphere captures you the minute you walk in and brings you to the Mediterranean Riviera.* The menu offers a variety of dishes with ingredients that feed the body and the soul.

Some examples:

  • FETTUCCINE SHRIMP MASCARPONE  (Grilled shrimp, San Marzano tomato, cherry tomato, scallion, micro-basil, harissa, mascarpone infused with rosemary)
  • QUINOA SALAD (Red cabbage, butternut squash, pomegranate, orange, brussels sprout, sunflower seed, chive, citrus dressing)
  • CHILEAN SEA BASS (Roasted sunchoke, rapini, romesco-mascarpone sauce with almond & hazelnut)
  • PROVENCE ROASTED AMISH CHICKEN (Herbes de Provence, fingerling potato, mushroom, tarragon aioli)

I couldn’t agree more when the owner of the restaurant states that they reinvent the traditional recipes in a contemporary way to showcase their passion for food and the things they stand for such as family, authenticity and creativity!




Virtual tour of the Fig AND OLIVE in Meatpacking:

Address:  420 WEST 13TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10014

High Line tour:

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