CHYL: Change your lifestyle then cherish your life

Found another cute spot to brunch! This time closer to home: Brussels.

Bio-fans, vegeterians and vegans (and everyone else ofcourse): be ready to find your new favorite brunch-place in the city center of Brussels. Had enough of going to a restaurant with your non-vegetarian/vegan friends and having to take the only salad on the menu while your friends devore their steak in front of you? Under the acronym CHYL, the restaurant/cafe makes sure that everyones needs are fullfilled. CHYL stands for “Change your lifestyle then cherish your life” and this is probably what makes their menu stand out so much.

The restaurant/cafe offers a variety of dishes: going from veggie burgers to Oriental and Nordic Brunch. You will also find gluten and lactose free dishes such as the “Power Brunch” (see menu below). If you’re worried of going too healthy, you can always taste the guilty pleasure of the day they put on the menu.




I tried the Oriental Brunch and I really can say that the flavors made me travel. The hummus and tapenade that were presented on the plate where just too good to be true.









Not only the food is a real dealmaker out there, also the atmosphere is unique. CHYL really is a green spot in the heart of the busy city center that creates a place where time stops for a little while. It somehow feels like a little authentic place where you can really reconnect with family and friends. The place really is ideal for a sunday brunch with the people you love to discuss about your exciting week adventures, your crazy ambitious life plans or whatever comes up in your mind.



The cherry on the cake is their CHYL-shop right next to the restaurant you just had a blast enjoying the delicious dishes. You’ll be able to find fresh vegetables and fruit, home-made products, cosmetics and so on. What I found very valuable is their zero waste approach. Something I believe is something that deserves increasing attention in our current society. They actually try to sell their products without any packaging when possible. This also brings the advantage that the products they sell, are cheaper than the products you would find in a traditional store.


So what do you think, rendez-vous at CHYL for the next brunch?



Address: Rue de Belle-Vue, 62, 1000 Brussel

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