Academics For Development: Uniting in diversity for people and planet

AFD or Academics for Development caught our attention this week at the info-event they organised together with AFC and AFT (Academics for Companies and Academics for Technologies).

If we had to name one thing that really made us want to be part of their audience that evening, then it must be our will to use the skills we’ve learned over the past student years and not wanting to waste the energy we have as young adults on things that actually don’t matter in the end. This all combined with the strong feeling that a big part of this world lacks engagement towards this planet earth and the people living on it. If you recognise yourself in this point of view, we can garantee you that AFD is the place to be for your wonderful soul.

In these thoughts of lack of engagement and the will to make a change at our own level, AFD meets our minds and comes with initiatives all around the world. We discovered an inspirational group of young people, really motivated and truly involved in many different causes. The beautiful thing about AFD is that the group working together manages to create a dynamic that consists of a bunch of different skilled people. All having their own special talent, personality and interests.

By being so different but striving for the same cause, AFD really manages to change things. Even in the places where you’d think a small action wouldn’t be able to change that much.

What AFD does in a nutshell: giving market information to local farmers and small traders, providing the driest places with drinkable water, facilitate access to education in India, Indonesia, Peru, Cameroon and Uganda….

Make sure to read more on their website about the past and future projects, they really deliver work to look up at.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-05 om 10.41.57





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