4OCEAN: declaration of war to plastic


“Consider them both;

land and the sea,

and do you not find a strange analogy

to something in yourself?”

– A plastic ocean, Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

What do you think about when you hear the word “ocean”? Does it sound like vacation? Like surfing? Swimming and fooling around in the water? Or does it start to sound like something scary, more like a problem? Maybe most of us don’t see this (yet) but it is important to acknowledge that we’ve all got a part of (direct or inderect) responsablity  for what is happening right now with our environment.

With this in mind we should change our way of living and find alternatives. Some people already take initiative on individual level: they go to grocery stores with their own linen bags, some go out in the nature and collect every piece of plastic they find (Run project for instance: collecting plastic while going for a run).

On the other hand there are organisations trying to reach the same goals on a greater scale. One of those organisations is 4OCEAN. It all started with two guys taking a surf trip to Bali, Indonesia. They were devastated by the amount of plastic floating in the ocean and decided to create an organisation to reach funds for clean up efforts.

The idea behind 4OCEAN is that the ocean, as a home for marine diversity, is literally turning into a graveyard. Fish eating plastic, bigger fishes eating these small fishes contamined to the bones with toxic particles and so on. Plastic is interrupting the normal course of the foodchain because of its advantage and disadvantage: the material lasts long. Researchers have discovered that plastic is the biggest cause of death of animals living in the sea and oceans and along the coastlines.

So what 4OCEAN does, is actually removing plastic in and around oceans and then recycling it into bracelets they sell. This income is then used for their primary purpose: cleaning oceans and save marine diversity. Each month they strive for a different cause.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-30 om 14.27.19If you’re wondering which animal and its environment are focused on this month, go check out there website : 4ocean.com.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-30 om 14.25.58

4OCEAN founders

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