Small summary: Weekend trip to Milan

Last week the youthwavescrew teamed up with blogster justetara* to go on a weekend trip to Milan. When we first arrived we were a bit disappointed because of the weather, but soon that changed. We discovered that Milan, even on cold rainy days, can be charming and romantic. Also going out of season means there are less tourists and you can blend in more with the locals. Of course we first started off with the obligatory touristic visit to te galleria vittorio emanuele II to see all the beautiful stores (prada, gucci, louis vuitton). Unfortunately the only thing we could afford was a coffee and a pastry in the prada owned ‘marchese 1824’. It was a fancy coffee bar right in the middle of the galleria. Outside there were our usual shops like mango and zara, and to our liking these stores were (insert trump voice) HUUUUGE.



In the evening Tara was invited to God save The Food. A restaurant located on 4 places in the city. When we entered the first thing we noticed was the amazing interior, just like one of a star restaurant. But to our surprise the prices where really affordable, like 16 euro for a main course. The manager explained us the concept: food inspired by places all over the world with an Italian twist. With quality ingredients for a small price.


The second day we went to lake como. When the sky turned dark de lights of the houses around the lake lit up to give us a view which left us speechless. Romantic as we are, we had to stroll around a bit by the lake before going out to eat some risotto and talk over our last cocktail before we had to home.

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