Small Desenio Gallery inspo by YW

We truly believe photography is a form of art that deserves a space in our homes but we also found out during our student years that decorating your place can be quite expensive. Photography doesn’t come cheap unless you go out yourself and are able to shoot some gems.

Because we feel like art feeds the soul and is able to create a cosy, warm and peaceful environment for the mind, we decided to share our last found with you guys. We actually randomly bumped into Desenio as a website that offers an immense diversity of affordable photos.  

The website really comes up with all kind of different styles able to suit a multitude of homes. Whether you lost your heart to nature, fashion, animals, sports, you name it: Desenio matches you all. The cool thing about it, is that you can really make a wall composed out of a bunch of pictures you’ve selected that will truly radiate your personality.

We decided to share some of the pictures that inspired us, just to give you an example of how to mix and match even though this really is subject to your personal taste!

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