The boxy one by Rosefield

The feeling of consumption is something that really doesn’t match my sense of nostalgia. It is in that view that I was surprised to notice that a certain watch type gave me some kind of feeling of going back in time. Back in the days where I spend my summer holidays at the beach with my oh-so- elegant Russian grandmother. Suddenly I noticed it: it was the golden glow, the boxy shape, really the overall look of the watch that made me think of the one my grandmother would always have around her wrist within those beautiful endless summer days. It made me feel like I was wearing those days that filled me with joy and love, around my wrist, always by my side.

The message behind this would be: We shouldn’t buy things recklessly. Being driven by a compulsory desire to consume. I don’t think we should impose a ban on every little extra above the stuff we buy to meet our basic needs but in these times continuing to consume the way we have been doing these past years would be digging our own grave. Letting go of materiality can also give your mind the required space to open up to some feelings you might never have experienced before. These feels might even suddenly settle themselves in your everyday life.

If you’re getting the same nostalgia feels about the watch as me: https://www.rosefieldwatches.com/be/

Boxy white sunday / Gold – 33mm

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