Los Enamorados Ibiza: Morning glory in paradise

Los Enamorados

You’re probably aware of Ibiza’s reputation as being the crowded party place where the days start at 10pm and end at 4am. Part of this is true, for some well-known spots in Ibiza such as the Ushuaïa Club, Pacha Club and Paradise club. But these places must not make you lose sight of the beauty of the island. The island has a lot of hidden places along the coast where you truly can enjoy nature and relax in a peaceful environment.

One of those hidden gems is definitely Los Enamorados. The place is a hotel as the same time as it is a restaurant, shop and much more.

I went there to have breakfast and wauw as the minute I walked in, it felt like a modern hippie wave catching me right away.

The terrace of the restaurant overlooks a part of the bay of Portinatx, a little town located on the north of Ibiza. All tables and lounge chairs are facing the beautiful Balearic sea which truly relaxes you while you’re there. The decoration of the place surely enhances this perfect vibe. They truly managed to dress up the spot in a way that you get to feel inspired to create the same kind of cosy spot at your own place once you get home.

Not only the setting is ideal, the food and drinks served in the restaurant are also worth the visit. Their menu mainly proposes breakfast and lunch. What really makes them stand out is the fact that they serve homemade freshly pressed juices. Besides this they try to support the local fishermen by serving the local catches of the day.

After you treated your tummy, you’ll be happy to walk into their shop located right behind their terrace. You’ll be able to find decoration items, Ibiza-hippie inspired yet modern clothes, eyecatching accessories and other quality gadgets.

You could think you’re done exploring after walking through their shop, and their terrace but make sure not to forget to explore the cliffs located on the right side of the beach down the street. You’ll have to cross a sandy parking lot and will be facing a path that doesn’t look like a walkable path but don’t let that stop you!

For those who prefer water activities: there’s a cabin on the beach where you can rent diving gear!

I think I divulged enough of the place! Time for you to plan your trip to Los Enamorados!

Address: 103, Calle de Portinatx – 07810 Portinatx, Ibiza, Spain



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