Hi, I am Natacha!  I would describe myself as a curious person that is always looking around to try new things. Besides this I could also say that I am a dreamy person who travels in her own mind imagining mellow sunsets or stormy oceans. Wandering through new places around the world and observe what is happening around me are things I love to do. My daily surroundings inspire me the most. As I am on my way to get my law degree I can say that these last years I have learned that passion and determination can lead to enriching and fascinating content at different levels. All these little things will mostly colour the content of the articles I write and share.




Hi! I am Don and I want to share with you my eternal passions! As I study Political Sciences I got an interest in the world in a broad sense, from how people behave in group to how they wear clothes. Most of the time I enjoy fooling around with my camera photographing people, showing them the best version of themselves. Beside photography I am finding myself in a romantic relationship with the aesthetics of fashion where I see fashion as a form of art that is surrounding us all. It’s not about how you create fashion, it’s about how you capture and reproduce it in your own way.
‘’I get things Don,,